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The prevalence of sexual dysfunction is more common than one might think.

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What is Sex Therapy?

Mental and emotional problems not only affect the performance, function, work, clear thinking and other behaviors of those experiencing them, but they can also affect relationships with other people.

One way relationships are affected is through sexual relations. If one or both partners experience stress, anxiety, depression and any number of other mental or emotional problems, they can seep into the psyche and affect sexual performance.

In such cases, sex therapy can resolve underlying issues and restore an enjoyable sex life to couples.

You know that look that women get when they want to have sex? Me neither.” ~ Steve Martin

The Role of Sex Therapists

Therapists that are trained in sex therapy procedures provide counseling sessions that directly address sexual performance issues in one or both partners so that they can return to normal and fulfilling sexual relations.

Sex therapists treat many more people today because stigmas associated with sex therapy have subsided. However, many people that could benefit from sex therapy help still find it embarrassing and refuse to seek treatment.

Although poor sexual performance can be attributed to physical problems like diabetes or nerve damage, the majority of impotence cases in men and poor performance in women stem from mental or emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, traumatic events, depression, or substance abuse.

Because physical conditions are also possible in poor sexual performance, sex therapists tend to have a greater knowledge of physical health as well as mental health. They also tend to work closely with those in the medical profession to help sort out and provide successful treatments.

How Sex Therapy Benefits Your Sex Life

Sex is an important aspect of mental wellbeing because the experiences are directly tied to mental moods, outlooks and performance.

Regular sex is also an important factor in a strong immune system and pain management. Therefore, to remain mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, severe sexual issues should be dealt with by a licensed sexual therapist.

They will help clear up emotional feelings of anger, depression, fear, and unworthiness; while increasing self-esteem, improving sexual performance, and restoring and strengthening the overall relationship.

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